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the national Association of Black Counselors

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does NABC offer Internships?

Internships are not currently offered by NABC yet we do promote and advertise sites that do!  You can find that information here. As a current student or new professional you may be interested in our webpage that highlights employment opportunities  or think about applying for our Mentorship program

2. Can I do community service through MCA?

We currently do not have a program set up specifically for community service yet welcome volunteers to serve on our committees and divisions that provide community and professional services throughout the year.  Take a look at our organizational chart to see where you might want to volunteer and reach out to that chairperson or division leader to see what you can do to help.

3. Does NABC offer professional development for all mental health practitioners?

Yes!  We provide workshops, webinars, and our annual conference for all mental health practitioners interested in those topics.  You can search for events using our website "events" tab.  If you are a licensed mental health professional, we welcome your interest in presenting. If you have a topic that you believe will be helpful please contact our Executive Director, Tamara Ferebee, at

4. Can I advertise through NABC?

Absolutely!  We welcome advertisements for our quarterly newsletter, our weekly e-blast, and website.  Contact our Executive Director, Tamara Ferebee, at for pricing and procedure 

5. Will NABC help me to obtain licensure?

No - we cannot help you to obtain licensure or answer questions related to what is required by your state.  Please check that website to obtain information that will be current and accurate.  

6. Does NABC help students?

Yes we do!  NABC is extremely interested in helping students to network, connect, and prepare for post-graduate work as a mental health practitioner.  We invite students to contact us about discounted membership prices and encourage you to apply for our Emerging Leaders program that engages students in a wide variety of professional activities and support.

7. Can I find a counselor through NABC?

Yes you can!  We have a search option on our website that you can use to find an NABC member that provides therapeutic services.

8. Does NBAC host a conference or workshops?

Yes we do!  Each NABC division provides workshops and webinars that touch on topics that relate to their mission. NABC also hosts professional development workshops and webinars that are of interest to all mental health practitioners.  Our annual conference usually occurs in May of the year and we are always looking for new volunteers to help plan for that event. If you are interested in volunteering to help with the conference please contact our Conference Planning Committe.

9. How do I get involved in NABC leadership?

We want you! New members and leaders help to keep NABC fresh and connected with the community.  If you are interested in NABC leadership it will be important for you to become a member and to consider what kind of work you are interested in doing.  Contact the committee chair, division president, or NABC president to see what opportunities may be available.

10. What does it cost to join NABC?

NABC works very hard to keep membership economical.  There are many different levels of membership to meet that effort.  You can find information on membership benefits and cost here

11. Does NABC do anything for the community?

NABC exists to provide a service to the Black community at large.  We hope to advocate by addressing systemic issues, reducing mental health disparities, and promoting the overall well-being of the Black community. Our commitment to advocacy aligns with our ethical principles, our mission, and our dedication to the betterment of Black mental health.   Join us to work toward a stronger, healthier community!

12. How does MCA advocate for me?

NABC advocates for fair treatment and equal opportunities for Black mental health professionals, challenging discriminatory practices and promoting inclusive workplaces. Consider joining NABC to help us to support and encourage you to become your best self.  

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