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the national Association of Black Counselors

Our divisions provide opportunities to engage with those who share the same specialty. Participation in a division is a $5 fee, per division, added annually to your general membership.


1. Correctional Health

The Correctional Health Division is for those counselors who have interest in working with criminal offenders in and out of prisons to address behaviors associated with the criminal offense, recidivism, relapse prevention, and mental health issues. The goal of this division is to promote awareness of issues associated with counselors who work with clients who are in the corrections, and to provide a unique opportunity for correctional mental health professionals to examine emerging issues, exchange ideas and discuss solutions.

2. Faith & Spirituality 

Both in the field of mental health and the Black community, there is an ever- increasing awareness of the importance of the ‘mind and soul.’ This division’s aim is to educate, support, provide resources and provide opportunities to share developments and sound practice in the area of Spirituality and Mental Health.

3. Marriage and Family

This division serves to promote counselors within the field that work with to improve the health and well-being of families, couples and individuals. The marriage and family division will offer support, training and advocacy.

4. Sexuality

This division has been established as a vehicle for facilitating communication, advocacy and support for Black sexologists and other related professionals that treat sexual disorders and concerns.


The goal of the LGBTQIA Division is to provide education, resources and support for therapists who specialize in working with clients with LGBTQIA issues.


1. Seasoned Greens (Retired)

The Seasoned Greens Division focuses on counselors who have drastically reduced services, or no longer provide direct or administrative services in the counseling field. Because they still have much to offer, however, the counselors are eager to maintain a presence and a voice in the field.

2. Legislative Action

The NABC Legislative Action Division is established to address political and legislative challenges to the counseling profession and to provide opportunities to advance the profession. In addition, this division will strive to educate the public about how NABC can help foster the empowerment of clients through active confrontation of inequality and social injustices endured by clients

3. Children’s Services

This division serves to provide, support, advocacy, and professional development to counselors who primarily work with children, adolescents and their families. This division includes school counseling and play therapy subdivisions.

4. Addiction Treatment and Recovery

This division is for counselors who have interest in treating clients with addiction and substance abuse issues. The goal of this division is to suggest future strategies to deal with the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered, and the solutions adopted in the field of addiction treatment and therapy in regards to the Black community.

5. College & Career Counseling

The goal of this division is to bring together professionals for collaborative dialogue on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive practices focused on student success. This division will provide support, assistance, and guidance to counselors that support students and others as they explore academic, social, career, and personal development.

6. Expressive Arts

The goal of the Expressive Arts Division is to provide support, education, and advocacy to Black counselors who provide integrative mental health services encompassing visual arts, poetry, literature, music and dance.

7. Afro-Latino

The term Afro-Latino usually refers to those of African descent from Hispanic countries or countries of South American, Central America and the Caribbean that speak Spanish. The Afro-Latino Division has been established for those with interest in supporting both therapists and clients of Afro-Latino descent. NABC seeks to acknowledge and honor their diverse views of racial identity, reflecting the complex and varied nature of race and identity among Latinos by providing advocacy, support and facilitating communication.

8. Men

Black men as a group often experience significant amounts of psychological stress as a result of discrimination, social and economic challenges, and racial injustice. NABC seeks to address the treatment needs of Black men and to provide support, advocacy and resources to Black male treatment providers and clients.

9. Students & Residents

The purpose of the Students and Residents Division is to provide support, training, education and advocacy for students and those moving toward licensure in counseling.

  • For Students – The internship provides opportunity for the student to gain supervised experience in the use of a variety of professional resources such as assessment instruments, computers, print and non-print media, professional literature, research, and information and referral to appropriate provides. Because opportunities for internships are limited and more difficult for Black counseling students to obtain, NABC has developed a mentoring program for counseling students and an internship training program.
  • For Residents – Involves postgraduate training for psychotherapists emphasizing working with clients in more complex ways and continued training in areas other than direct client services. This Subdivision will provide support for many in the licensure phase. Because opportunities to practice clinical counseling are limited and often confined to brief counseling or case management models, NABC has developed a postgraduate training program for counselors.

10. Greeks

In the U.S., there are nine historically Black Greek letter organizations (BGLOs). Communally, these organizations are referred to as “The Divine Nine.” Each of these fraternities and sororities is rich in history and Black Greek life influences campus life, social life, surrounding communities, networking, and friendships within the Black community. Because ties to one or more of these organizations may be found among Black therapists in the counseling community, NABC has established this division to harness the collective energy and talents of the Divine 9 for the Black counseling community.

11. Paraprofessionals

Paraprofessionals in counseling range from bachelor’s degree recipients to community college students. The goal of this division is to ensure that proper training, supervision, support and resources are provided to paraprofessionals.

**Pending divisions will launch with 5 active members to provide leadership and expertise for the specialization**

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