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Spotlight, Arielle Jordan

15 Apr 2024 5:51 PM | Dr. Nick Battle (Administrator)

About Arielle Jordan

Arielle Jordan is the dynamic force behind Mindset Quality, a unique private practice that stands out for being black-owned, led by a service-disabled veteran, and woman-owned. As a licensed clinical professional counselor and nationally certified counselor, Arielle has a special focus on EMDR, PTSD, grief, and trauma. For over eight years, she's been committed to helping her clients work through tough mental health issues and reach their full potential.

Having served in the Army and working towards her Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision, Arielle brings a one-of-a-kind perspective to her counseling work. She's passionate about teaching and is a strong voice for cultural diversity, making sure her practice is welcoming to people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Arielle's got a solid academic background with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She's particularly skilled in trauma-focused therapies like EMDR, showing her dedication to providing the best possible care for those dealing with PTSD and other trauma-related challenges. Her training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy also helps her understand and treat the complex aspects of emotional health.

More than just a counselor, Arielle is a great speaker, offering insightful talks on dealing with traumatic loss, life after losing a loved one, tackling microaggressions in counseling, surviving the loss of a child, and turning pain into strength. She believes everyone deserves good mental health care and works to make her clients feel safe and supported.

As an author, Arielle has written several pieces on mental health, grief, and emotional wellness. Her writing is not just informative but also uplifting, helping people to find hope and grow personally.

At the forefront of Mindset Quality, Arielle is changing the mental health care game by combining her professional skills, compassion, and advocacy. To find out more about her and her approach, check out and

Holding Space

Imagine a book that feels like sitting down with a good friend who understands the tough stuff life throws your way. That's 'Holding Space.' It's about those hard days, the loss we all face, and finding a way to light up the dark corners of our lives. Through real stories, including my own, it's a guide to getting through the grief together, finding moments of joy again, and learning that it's okay to not always be okay. Whether you're in the thick of it or just trying to understand, this book is here to walk with you.

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