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Welcome to the NABC Author Spotlight! Each month NABC proudly highlights an author whose impactful work is contributing to the progress of the black community. While many featured authors will be esteemed NABC members, we also extend our focus beyond our community to recognize individuals outside who are leading the charge in advancing us as a people.

Our Author Spotlight encompasses a diverse range of literary genres, embracing not only clinical works but also spiritual, political, and fiction creations. We believe in the power of storytelling and aim to share the rich literary contributions of black authors with our community.

Your suggestions matter! If you have any recommendations for authors deserving of the spotlight, please feel free to email them to NABC President, Dr. Nick Battle, at Join us in celebrating and promoting the voices that shape our collective narrative.

This month NABC is shining the spotlight on

About Dr. Holloway

Dr. Linda J.M. Holloway is a Counselor Educator at Alabama State University who has been teaching graduate students a course entitled, Counseling Diverse Populations in innovative ways for quite some time now to include incorporating movies, songs, poetry, and books into her classes. Well, she has now found joy in teaching children through her groundbreaking award-winning children books about various cultural related topics. What is fantastic and unique about her approach is that she courageously uses several props to get her message across as she dramatizes her stories. Dr. Holloway calls herself a Story Activist, which is a person she describes who tells stories from an activist pair of lenses to give voice to the voiceless, marginalized, underserved, and vulnerable populations. Dr. Holloway also encourages children to use their voices to make a difference in today's society. Her books are extremely interactive where she has children singing, dancing, and even taking a pledge to take a stand for injustice. 

Her areas of research include Black women and mental health and career counseling for rural children. Her life philosophy is “Dream Your Own Dreams,” and she inspires others to reach their own dreams they have for their life. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, movies, and spending time with family and friends. Dr. Holloway can be reached at  

You can find her books online and view videos of her interacting with school age children.

Books By Dr. Holloway

Little Miss Linda Speaks Out About Diversity

This book is about a little girl with dark skin who is being teased. It teaches the children to appreciate their skin color as well as the skin color of others in a fun and loving way. It also allows for discussion concerning bullying, race and ethnicity, and celebration of differences. Indeed, books can heal and not divide if used appropriately. Each of Dr. Holloway's books have LOL Questions, which stands for Learning Out Loud. This allows the readers to create positive and healthy conversations where children are granted the space to ask and be asked questions for discussion.

I Love My Happy Hair.

 This is a book that teaches children to love the way their hair grows out of their head. There have been many incidents where Black children have been openly teased about their hair. Other incidents where they were even sent home from school. Dr. Holloway is very intentional about how she uses this book to assist children with loving who they are and how their hair grows out of their head.  Children thoroughly enjoy this book because they get to sing and dance along with the I Love My Happy Hair song. This is Dr. Holloway's way of helping children build hair esteem and have confidence about their hair as well as stop hair bullying. She has a hair bullying pledge she shares with the students. Dr. Holloway has gotten many requests to present her books in local schools and other community organizations with children.

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